Standard Fasteners Ltd
 has been providing fastening solution to North American market for 25 years.

We specialize in custom orders - a wide variety of designs according to IFI standards,
your sample or a drawing, including metric and tamper-proof fasteners.
Our strengths are high quality, low price, low minimum orders and fast delivery.
We also stock full range of square recess (Roberston drive) standard screws.
Our production capacity is for sizes 4 through 5/16 and up to 4" in length.

Standard fasteners has integrated heat-treatment plant and state-of the art zinc electroplating facility.

Give us a call for your fastener needs Fasteners Ltd.

Manufacturer of standard and special fasteners since 1987


Security fasteners provide an added level of security that prevents removal with ordinary screwdrivers.
 While not completely tamper-proof, they are tamper-resistant. Hex drive with pin, one-way, star with pin - just a few examples of available security screws.

 tamper-proof hex with pin One-way security screw
Tamper-proof Six lobe with pin
Security screw: torx with pin
 Security screw: hex drive with pin  One-way tamper-proof
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